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Cacao & sound healing ceremony

  • KILO 72 Westerstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1015 RT Netherlands (map)

On this evening we will drink the sacred medicine Cacao to open our hearts and connect with our intentions, to let her guide us to surrender to the transformative and healing power of pure sound. This is a unique and sensory opening experience, a collaboration between Stacey of Shift Meditation and Simone of Sama Medicine. You will have a chance to experience the power of plant and sound medicine combined. Limited tickets available here.

The Cacao
We’ll be drinking ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala (Keith’s Cacao). Cacao is a non-psychedelic plant teacher that is a facilitator for whatever journey you are engaging in. On a physical level cacao increases our heart rate and contains a lot of healthy substances for our body, such as: anti-oxidants, serotonine & tryptophan - which are happiness and peace inducing, phenethylamine (PEA) - which is also released when we fall in love and anandamide - which is called the ‘bliss molecule’, which induces a natural high! You can read more about cacao and her amazing properties and uses here:

The Sound Experience
Instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, gong, shamanic drum, tuning forks, chimes, ocean drum, and more will help balance your energy centers and gently release stuck emotions and blocked energy that no longer serve you. We'll also be using vocal toning to help you tune into and open up to your unique sound.

Door open at 19:00

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